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Do you have a ready-made space project?

Are you ready to tell about it to the whole world and receive financing for further development?

Soon the announcement of the start of the reception project. Do not miss.
Accelerator of Dnipro Space Cluster
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Do you have an idea of how to change and improve the relationship between citizens and the authorities with the help of IT tools?
The idea of the project must necessarily relate to the topics of e-democracy and the following:

• open city budget
• open procurements
• participation budget (opportunity to vote for city expenses)
• open registers
• public transport cards and carriers
• online surveys, petitions
• Appeal to the authorities

To participate in the competition are allowed as new projects, and already existing, which require support for the scale or development of a new direction. The winner will receive 2 places of incubation, during which he will receive mentor support, technical examination of the project, business model search, development of MVP, active training and project funding.

The prize fund EGAP Challenge amounts to 4.5 million UAH. The partners of the project are leading IT companies: IBM, Cisco Systems, De Novo, Intel.
EGAP Incubation
Incubation is off
A program to support young entrepreneurs will help your business at an early stage. This program provides grants for the creation and development of your business in the field of green economy.

Green business is a concept for managing a company, which is primarily aimed at reducing the consumption of material resources, as well as manufacturing products with minimal eco-trace. You not only care about the environment, but do business with it!

GREEN START - "green" economics.
Incubation off
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