Reusable High-Altitude Air Launch Vehicle (HAALV)
The HAALV or Air-Launcher is a reusable unmanned winged HTOHL (Horizontal Take-Off and Horizontal Landing) sub-space vehicle with a launch mass of up to ca. 6,000 kg, a length of up to ca. 14+ m and a sub-space payload capacity of up to ca. 500 kg that LAJP Ltd. is currently developing. The Air-Launcher is mainly autonomously operating and shall serve a wide range of applications including light launch vehicles for commercial and scientific purposes.

The main applications are:

➔ Delivery of Small orbital and sub-orbital spacecraft to 40-50 km for release

➔ Zero-G Laboratory for High-Value Substance Processing

➔ Reusable Transfer Stage for LEO and SSO Missions

➔ Assisting Sub-Space Missions

➔ Air Earth Observation

The development of the Air-Launcher includes the development, manufacturing, assembly, integration and testing of different scaled and full-scale atmospheric demonstrators.
There is an operating plant for the production of freeze-dried food.
Autonomous system for providing astronauts with food during a flight into deep space.
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